About Us

Kimia Behboud Arman Company has been setup to meet the needs of the health sector as far as equipment is concerned.

In light of the fact that promotion of healthcare is a pillar of the company's activities, it has always tried to supply quality products that match up to high international standards to universities, hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, etc.

Kimia Behboud Arman, a pragmatic international company, has always tried to establish helpful relations with its beneficiaries, including customers, personnel, foreign-based firms, Iranian companies, stockholders and particularly the public and the government.

In our dreams we aim high, and this obviates the need for us to get engaged in short-term activities, and that's why we never pay undivided attention quantity at the expense of quality.

Fundamental values

 Fundamental goal

Kimia Behboud Arman is a Medical equipment and pharmaceutical company which is active in the region. The mission it seeks to accomplish is to help diagnose and treat disease in a timely fashion, and offer a better, longer, safer, more fruitful and more enjoyable life to people, as a result.


We are pushing hard for turning the company around to make it the number one pick of the clients, both at home and in the region, in the next 10 years