INCA Infant Nasal CPAP

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INCA Infant Nasal CPAP Assembly is the most respected

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device among clinicians. INCA affords all the benefits of CPAP/Bubble CPAP for newborns in your care.

Features enhanced precision fit for neonates:

  • Five anatomically proportional nasal cannula sizes for neonates
  • Clear, extra-soft tubing provides custom shaping and maximal stability
  • Chin strap is available to help prevent air leakage around the mouth
  • Available in Complete and Replacement Sets

INCA Infant Nasal CPAP Assembly:

INCA Infant Nasal CPAP

1. INCA Complete Set:

Consists of a nasal cannula, two lengths of Stay-Flex tubing, two tubing adapters, one in-line “T” pressure adapter, a knit cap with hook/loop strap, two foam blocks and a hook/loop chin strap. One INCA Sizing Gauge is included in every box of five sets.

INCA Infant Nasal CPAP

2. INCA Replacement Set:

Includes the nasal cannula, two lengths of Stay-Flex tubing, two tubing adapters and one in-line pressure “T” adapter.

INCA Infant Nasal CPAP

3. INCA Accessory Pack:

Includes five knit caps with hook/loop strap, five chin straps with ten hook fasteners (not attached) and ten foam blocks.
1 Pack = 5 Hats and 10 Foam Blocks

INCA Infant Nasal CPAP

4. INCA Nasal Sizing Gauge:

For appropriate nasal prong fitting, use the INCA Sizing Gauge. Wipe gauge with sterile 70 percent isopropyl alcohol prior to each use. Hold the gauge up to the nasal area to determine appropriate cannula size.